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What You Should Know About the Novel Coronavirus

Why Am I Writing About Coronavirus?

Early in the morning of July 4th, I took a course on Alison’s site “Coronavirus – What you need to know.” It first felt like Why should I do this? What for? Am I being unnecessarily curious? Haven’t I known enough? You likely had this same thought when you saw the post’s headline. Obtaining a certificate sounds ridiculous too, who gets a certificate on Coronavirus 🀣…I find it cool all the same 😎

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Simple Logic To Keeping at Your Goals From Start-to-finish

Have you ever been afraid to start something, just because you are not sure if you’d be able to keep up with it?

Burying your to-do list underneath your pillow at night wouldn’t make them become a reality, even magicians can’t do this. A castle built in one’s imagination is beautiful, but a real castle is even more beautiful. There is fulfilment in doing or becoming everything you want to do or become.

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The Train Movie Review by Precious Deji-Omolere

I’ll be be glad if this review gets to the Mike-Bamiloyes. I’m doing this review out of love, commendation and recommendation for this great movie “The Train.”

I watched the movie very early in the morning. My sister, who is a die-hard fan of Mount Zion and the Bamiloye family stayed up in the night to download the movie, she shared with me and I began to watch.

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Cash Crash (Short Story by Precious Deji-Omolere)

Ada lay on the bed, staring at the fan slicing through the air; the speed slowed down and she felt fresh air was withdrawn from the room. Her eyes rolled to the side socket, the red light was off. The cloud turned ash with the 1pm sunshine on a standby. Her mind went to the clothes she thought she washed, then remembered it was interrupted by the disturbing call from her boss. Ope, her cousin who came visiting for two weeks before the President declared lockdown in Abuja.

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Daprenita’s Leadership Seminar

Good leaders are the secret to any organization or nation that would progress. We are leaders and potential leaders, we need the essential skill and information to lead right.

I’ll be hosting a Leadership Seminar on 7th May, 2020 with Dr. Kunle Oladapo. It promises to be great. Click here to join

Da’Prenita’s Leadership Seminar is the second edition of her annual

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How to make the most of the lockdown in a very special way

I was in the room that night reading about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, how it was spreading from country to country. As at then, it had not spread to Nigeria. But I felt like a virus that doesn’t respect developed countries would do same to developing countries unless we make a serious move, which is the least any country could do.

Just like me, there are several others that found the lockdown shocking, the shocking part is having to stay home for this long. I thought in two weeks, the US should have been able to find a solution to it, but here we are, all the countries of the world are trying so hard to fight it.

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Self-love 1 (Embrace Yourself)

The media, the celebrities, public figures and the society at large has erected a statue of how a human being should look like. If it’s a woman, she has to be of a certain size, with a flat tummy and a curvy shape, light-skinned or chocolate. So what happens to the rest of us? Only those with self-love have been able to absorb the pressure going on all around.

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More often than not, we have mistaken being at the top for being a leader. While these two may be sometimes used interchangeably, they could also mean two different things. This is so, especially when we categorise everyone at the top as a leader. It is expected that if you make your way to the top, you are to be a leader, but that is not usually the case. The topmost people may give you the wrong definition of leadership.

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